Kanye West & Jay-Z (Pg. 4)



Say what you want about Kanye West’s lurid performance on “H.A.M.” But at least he stayed on message. Shawn Carter? Yes, he attacks the song with the ferocity of a dying man out for revenge. And once again he effortlessly demonstrates that he is a peerless chameleon when it comes to rhyme flows and even manages to drop some vintage Hov lines (“Niggas aint got my lady money,” he muses of his famous wife). But going from proclaiming your own gangsta (“I hustle with vultures late nights/Y’all muthafuckers woulda been food…”); to the fakeness of rapper A  (“Niggas fantasize about the shit that I do daily…”) to the status of your bank account (“I’m like really half a billi, nigga…”) to the haunting death of his nephew (“When my nephew died, daddy dead”); and segueing into the name drop of a Japanese fashion label (“Commes Des Garcon, fuck your fresh…”), it all comes off as discombobulated and rushed.

Does any of this mean that Watch The Throne will be a total let down? No. Somewhere, Kanye and Jay are laughing at the absurdity of it all. Let’s hope the punch line proves to be epic.

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