The Kardashian Sisters To Release New ‘Kardashian Kollection’ Through Sears


It seems as if everything is coming up Kardashian these days!

The socialite trio, who recently released their first book Kardashian Konfidential, are now prepping the launch of their own clothing line. Aptly named the Kardashian Kollection, the line will feature around 40 clothing pieces, 20 lingerie styles, 60 pieces of jewelry, 30 bags, 25 hats and gloves, and 12 pairs of shoes. Who knows why the threesome chose Sears are the platform for their fashion brand, but Khloe claims it’s a market to reach people of all ages.

“Not only do they [Sears] have locations nationwide, but we recognize that Sears will allow us to reach multigenerations of fans and people who are interested in fabulous clothing at affordable prices.”

Kourtney adds, “We love Sears. There is a Sears right near our house.”

Expect to see the Kardashian Kollection in Sears this August.