Kevin Hart’s Soon-To-Be Ex-Wife: ‘I’m Angry Because I’ve Had The Same Penis For Six Years’


It’s been said countlessly that behind every joke lies a bit truth. So with that said, Kevin Hart’s future ex-wife, Torrei drove a stake through their marriage during a supposed comedy act. The couple recently filed for a nasty divorce with Hart asking the court to grant zero spousal support to Torrei and that he be asked permission before she leaves the state of California with their two kids. Well looks like T kept silent in court, but got loquacious for the public. Check out a bit of what she had to say. Beware of the funny types. 

I guess this is the angry black woman portion of the show, there is another angry black woman standing before you. My husband is always asking “babe, why are you so angry?” I’m married to you, what do you mean why I’m I always so angry? Aren’t you in this marriage with me? Why aren’t you just as angry as me? Sh*t.

I’ve been married six years. Let me tell you why I’m really angry. I’m really angry because I’ve been having the same p*nis for the last six years of my life. I want some new p*nis. But here’s the thing, I can cheat because my husband is known and if I cheat it’s going to get back to him and I’m pissed off because I know he cheats.

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