Lil B Explains How Getting Punched On Youtube Spawned An Album [Video]

Last night (Jan.11), online rap phenom Lil B held his first New York City listening session at Velour Lounge in Manhattan.

While previewing his first solo album dubbed Angels Exodus with online record label Amalgam Digital, the 21-year old rapper revealed that he’s prepping to release another album shortly after.

“I don’t lie about nothing. Glassface, this other project I got coming with Amalgam after Angels Exodus that happened because I know a lot of people saw me getting punched on Youtube. And it was like the feeling of Glassface was ‘Why did you touch my beautiful face?,’ Lil B told the crowd of journalists and bloggers.“

“And I’m a positive dude, I’m a really happy dude. I try to bring people together and spread love. When a muthafucka punched me in the face I seen how cold the world is and that turned me into Glassface.”

Based God, as his fans call him will also be performing at the Highline Ballroom on Thursday evening (Jan.13th).

Angels Exodous will be available online on Jan 18th.

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