Lil Jon, Star Jones, Other ‘Celeb Apprentice’ Newbies Owe IRS Big Time

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Ironically, several people in the cast of the forthcoming Celebrity Apprentice owe the IRS mega bucks! Then again, maybe that’s why they agreed to do the show. The Detroit News released a detailed list of who owes and how much. It’s out of control as in, they all at least owe whole yearly salaries on up. See below.

· Rapper Lil’ Jon: The IRS filed a $638,937 lien against Lil’ Jon on June 24, 2008, with the Charleston County (S.C.) Recorder. The address on the lien is his $1.9 million oceanfront home in Isle of Palms. Well, it used to be his. It was foreclosed and sold in August.

· Gary Busey: The Buddy Holly Story star owes $645,382 in delinquent state and federal taxes, according to liens filed between 2000 and 2005 in Los Angeles.

· LaToya Jackson: The IRS filed a $28,252 lien against her Aug. 26, 2005, with the Clark County (Nevada) Recorder.

· The View former co-host Star Jones: The IRS filed a $356,991 tax lien against her on May 11, 2006. The lien was released April 25, 2007.

· Dionne Warwick: The pseudo-psychic singer owed $2.2 million to the state of California. But the debt no longer appears on the state’s list of biggest deadbeats.

· Survivor winner Richard Hatch: The IRS filed a $1,742,711 tax lien against Hatch last April. And he spent 51 months in the slammer for failing to pay taxes on the $1 million Survivor prize and other earnings.

· Jose Canseco: Since 2008, the state of California and IRS claim Canseco owes more than $320,000 in delinquent taxes, according to public records. [Detroit News]