Melanie Fiona To Release ‘The MF Life’ In Spring


Canadian songstress Melanie Fiona is back and readying a spring release of her sophomore album The MF Life. An internet leak has already given a taste of what’s to come with her leading single “Gone And Never Coming Back.” This huge, soulful ballad will grow on you with every rising crescendo, much of what her second studio project will sound like.

“I’m singing harder and better than I think I ever have in my whole life, and the music production is bigger and better than it ever has been,” she says. “The stadium soul of it is kind of how I coined it, because after touring and going around the world in big stadiums, I felt that music and how that sound carries. That’s what I wanted to capture on this album. I wanted people to feel that.”

The first record projects that this Guyanese beauty can still perform heart-wrenching songs; however, she hopes through working with several different producers, including Andrea Martin, to expose more of herself. “The MF Life is a lifestyle. It’s not just music,” explains the Toronto belle. “It’s what I live. It’s what I breathe. It’s my ups, it’s my downs, my struggles, my triumphs.”

On the surface it seems as if Melanie has been hitting more high notes than lows. In this past year, Fiona has basked in the release of her debut album, added her fresh face to Rocawear’s NEXT campaign and performed on BET’s Rising Icons. Often times, she has trouble grasping her exploding path to stardom and pens it into songs. “[MF] really describes the way I feel sometimes. It’s like, ‘damn this is the life.’”

Fiona first hit the music scene in 2009 with her very well received debut The Bridge after creating a “who’s got next” buzz with the jazzy lead track “Give It To Me Right.”

“The Bridge was an album I made for the world, to bring people together, to keep people united through music and I feel like I’ve been all over the world because of this music. I’ve connected with so many different people and now I want them to get to know me a little bit better.” –Niki McGloster with additional reporting by Erika Ramirez