Michael Rapaport On A Tribe Called Quest No-Show At Sundance: ‘They Missed Out’


The controversy behind actor/director Michael Rapaport’s A Tribe Called Quest Documentary still remains unsettled.

At the film’s premiere screening during this year’s Sundance Film Festival, only member Phife Dawg showed up in support of the film. Recently, Q-Tip has expressed his discontent with the doc’s final edits.

Michael Rapaport who directed Beats, Rhymes, And Life, spoke to MTV News on the situation.

“The last time I was with Q-Tip, he was fawning over the movie, [saying] ‘I love the movie. I think it could do this, I think it could do that.’ His feeling about the movie was even higher than my feelings about the movie,” Michael explained to MTV News. “It’s disappointing that the rest of the group isn’t here.”

He added: “The reality of the situation is individually they all have different perspectives. Phife chose to come here and the other guys are not here. And they missed out.”

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