Mixtape Review: Game ‘Purp & Patron’


While Game’s  highly anticipated R.E.D. Album seems to be on its way to becoming Detox Jr., Chuck Taylor throws two dishes worth of hors d’oeuvres in the form of Purp & Patron, to wet our appetites until the arrival of the full course meal. Sure, Game is known to name-drop more rappers than Amber Rose when she’s heels to Jesus, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the man of many faces—with twice as many tattoos on it—can kick some dope rhymes.

From “L.A. Times” to “The Kill” to—what’s sure to be the next Blood anthem—“Soo Woo,” Game keeps it gutter. But you have to remember that this is the same man who once tatted a butterfly on his face—before he covered it with a “LA” and then a star.

“R.I.P. Story” has a smooth and soulful groove to it while Jayceon spits, “So sick, put the 22’s an inch from the curb/watch them niggas fade away like the smoke from my herb/so I hop out in my Tru Religion denim cause guns my true religion and my Desert Eagle’s in ‘em/then I pull out, like I shoulda did when I was 12/she had a miscarriage anyway. Oh well.” Cold as ice!

But as a double CD and it couldn’t be all butter, there were some tracks that left me salty. His weakest tracks come when he steps out of character and tries to utilize a bounce style (see “Purp & Patron,” and “I’m The King (Remix). When Game is clutching mics with that Kung-Fu grip, he’s one of the most dangerous MC’s in the game. While the aggressiveness in his tone has diminished (becoming a millionaire usually makes people less angry at life), the demeanor in his style remains the same. Whether he’s talking about being “One Blood” or telling you to “Bang Along,” son knows how to keep heads ringing.

But when he’s out of his Compton element and looking to branch into other genres of hip-hop, his flow stumbles. But I’d be lying if I said that Purp & Patron didn’t leave me thirsting for some R.E.D. Omar Mazariego 

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