Montana Fishburne Fakes Suicide Attempt, Faces Jail Time


­Clutching onto the final seconds of her fifteen minutes of fame, Porn outcast Montana Fishburne apparently faked a suicide attempt in spite of her father actor Lawrence Fishburne.

Sources told TMZ, Lawrence was so worried for Montana’s safety that he hired a private investigator to trail her around. The P.I. turned up with footage of what appeared to be the troubled girl drinking bleach.

However, the video turned up to be fake after Montana gained wind of the situation and attempted “to put on a show.”

The tape even duped her lawyer who submitted it as evidence in an ongoing criminal assault case against Montana. Her Lawyer sent the footage to prosecutors to express Fishnburne’s unstable mental condition but later withdrew it when he discovered it was in fact bogus.

Montana currently faces jail time if convicted.

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