Natalie Nunn Are Her Rap Single, Tell-All Book + Soulja & Shaq [Pg. 2]


What the hell, is it a sex journal?
No it’s not going to be a sex journal [
laughs]. People might be like why am I in her book, but they were just lucky enough to be in my story. And remember, I always keep it real. The book is going to be a little shit starter for sure.

When did you start rapping?

I got in the studio with a couple other producers. While I’ve been working on this EP, I’ve been working with Chuck Harmony who’s done a lot for Ne-Yo, Rihanna. And he was like your so full of personality, even though you’re not necessarily a recording artist you still pop on a track.

How long ago was this?
June. I’ve also been in the studio with the guys who did “Whip My Hair” and the last producer is Dre Knight who’s worked with Nicki and the whole Young Money track. I’m cutting my first single with him and I am putting out a couple other songs.

Are you doing an album?
I don’t know about that yet, but I am doing an EP. The first single is going to be called “I Run LA.”

Of course, how ridiculously fitting. You got any guests on there?
Theres been some talks, but I haven’t solidified yet. One person I’ve been back and forth communicating with is Soulja Boy. He’s a friend of mine and I would love for him to get on there and swag it out.

So what do we call you since you don’t want to be taken too seriously as an MC?
I think we should call me a recording personality [laughs]. I don’t wanna have BET calling for me to perform. It ain’t that serious!

I think it’s obvious that we have some elephants in the room we gotta have you address. First up, Shaq. There were rumors that his engagement with Hoopz ended because of you. True, slightly true, or false?
Oh, wow. Uh [short pause], I have never said this [before]… I actually have claimed to not know Shaquille O’Neal. I have said that before, but right now what I can say is um, that is definitely um… a big chapter in my book.

Do you mean that figuratively or in the book you were talking about before?
The book that I was talking about before. I would definitely just like to state I have claimed that I do not know Shaquille O’Neal in the past. I’ve claimed that I met him once and that we took a random picture that was floating on the Internet. I mean, that’s just something [where] the pages are gonna turn crazy when they buy my book. It’s definitely addressed in the book, it just so happened that he was the lucky one that was apart of my story.

Now you know the last time Shaq was mentioned in a book it was in Superhead’s. We all know how that went down. Is your story similar to her experiences with him?

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