Natalie Nunn Tells All About Wiz & Amber [Pg. 3]


Now you know the last time Shaq was mentioned in a book it was in Superhead’s. We all know how that went down. Is your story similar to her experiences with him?
Um, [laughs]. Oh my God. See, now I’m gonna be compared to Karrine. I’ve already been compared to Kat Stacks. I’ve been compared to strippers, and we don’t even need to say names. I’m just tired of being compared to bums!

Ha! I’m not trying to compare, I would’ve mentioned that if he was in a nun’s book.
I get it. You know what? No, it’s not gonna be like that. It’s gonna be the Natalie Nunn story. It’s gonna be good, people are gonna be extremely entertained and it’s real. It’s real life and it happened to me and it’s gonna be a great story for everybody to talk about.

Will he get mad at it?
I think a lot of people are just gonna be a little upset that their names… ya know, people are just weird about that in the entertainment industry. Immediately, they think you’re using your fame to capitalize off of.

Right, because it’s not like forced them to perform their actions.
Exactly! You didn’t have to do what you did. You chose to do that and it just so happened to be apart of my life and this book is about my life, not yours. There’s gonna be pictures included, copies of emails… everything. Nothing that has ever come out of my mouth has been a lie. This book is about me, Natalie! If you wanna make some money then talk about your life in a book. Period.

Shaq would probably have a good book.
You know what, I can’t mess with you [laughs].

So are you and Shaq friends now?
Shaq is a friend of mine. That’s it, just a friend.

I don’t think he’s your type anyway…
You know what? [laughs] I’ve found myself on some really wild dates in this past year, with people I never thought I’d date. 

I believe you. Guess this is the part where transition into Wiz [laughs].
I’m just gonna be honest. Wiz did definitely stress that he wanted a girlfriend, someone to be enjoy his moments with. It would’ve been great [to be that girl] because Wiz was a fun guy to hang out with, but at the end of the day, I have my calendar. When I was taking time out to hang with Wiz, I was taking time away from a) my rest and b) my money. Those two things right now are the most important things for me. I feel like Wiz needed a girl that doesn’t have anything going on. And that’s not being sarcastic. Wiz wanted me to be somewhere with him every other day and with my work ethic, I couldn’t offer that to somebody. I’m happy that things happened the way it did [also] because it showed Wiz’s true colors. As much as people want to sit here and say Natalie’s the bad guy… Wiz knows [everything I said during my UStream] was the truth.

Did you find out about him and Amber the way all the rest of us did?
Yeah! That is how I really found out, but the day after he was shooting the Black and Yellow remix video he invited me to a party, but I was sick. I did not go. But somehow Amber Rose showed up to the party all in his face and they exchanged information. So the reason I went so hard at Amber is because on Thanksgiving, I hosted a party with her in Texas and we were talking, hanging out and we exchanged phone numbers. She had been nonstop text messaging me since November 25. All of a sudden when she was in Wiz’s face and exchanging information with Wiz at that party, three weeks ago, I have not heard from her since!

Did you mention to her that you were dating Wiz?

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