Nicki Minaj On Her Top 5 Songs From ‘Pink Friday’ And Rihanna: ‘She’s Crazy Like Me’


Nicki Minaj on her top 5 songs from Pink Friday

From Across the Pond, Nicki Minaj blessed UK radio with an in-depth convo about her latest project and some of her favorite cuts from the album.

Among the bunch was “Fly” but Rihanna’s “Raining Men”, where she dropped a memorable guest verse, also came up during the chat . When asked what her current relationship with the singer was like, Barbz gushed at her new pal.

“She is a dope gal. She’s crazy, she’s just she’s crazy like me. I don’t think people ever really knew her personality, so you just kind of never knew what to think about her. And as I’m getting to know her a little better, she’s so much fun to be around,” Nicki told DJ Semtex.

She continued, “It was an honor for me to be asked to get on her album.”

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