Nicki Minaj Open To Work With Taylor Swift And Lady Gaga


EW recently wrangled Nicki Minaj for a brief interview where they touched on a few artists currently in rotation on her iPod.

Opting to name drop artists outside of the hip-hop realm, Barbz said she would have no problem jumping on records with Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga. 

EW: Who are some of your favorite artists outside of hip hop?
Nicki: I like everyone. I don’t listen to music based on genre. Like, I’ll hear a song and then I’ll live for that song for like months and I’ll be like, “Who the hell is that?” I listen to Taylor Swift. I like Coldplay. I listen to gospel a lot. I listen to anything that’s just beautiful music.

Would you do a song with Taylor?
Of course!

Personally, I think you should do a song with Lady Gaga, who you’ve been compared to in the past.
A lot of people say that to me! I’d definitely be open to it, yeah… I mean, Gaga is badass. Being compared to greats can never bother me.

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