Omarion Addresses Bi-Sexuality Press Release: ‘I AIN’T GAY OR BISEXUAL’


On January 8th, a press released began circulating the web claiming to be from former B2K-er Omarion stating he was “proud to be a bisexual man”. Soon the phrase “Confirms His Bisexuality” was a top trending topic on twitter. VIBE reached out and received confirmation from Omarion’s PR team that the statement is 100% UNTRUE. Read their response below:

The previously released statement regarding Omarion is false and was generated for negative publicity by an unknown person. Omarion will not contribute to anything negative said or done against him. Omarion respects all of his fans, no matter religion, sexuality, or race.

The Purple Agency (TPA) is his agency of record. No statement should be cited, confirmed or released on behalf of Omarion unless it comes from TPA. Please note Omarion is away in Japan working and is totally unaware of the previous statement/press release.


The Purple Agency


Omarion also took to twitter to address the claims:




If an R&B singer was to come out of the closet how would it affect their career?  Would you still support them?



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