One Q, One A: What does Martin Luther King Jr. Represent To CyHi Da Prynce?


VIBE: What Does Martin Luther King Jr. represent to you?

CyHi Da Prynce: Martin represents freedom, Integrity, equality, and fairness for all races—not just African Americans. He was a well rounded man that gave his life for the nation. I remember I first heard him speak early in elementary school. From the first time, I heard his powerful message about Stone Mountain, Georgia—he got my attention. I was influenced by the way he was able to capture the crowd’s attention in a positive way. He was able to lead the people and they followed. Honestly, MLK inspired me and my first CD, What Da Dec Been Missin. He should never be forgotten. Really, my own goal is to represent myself in a positive way as a speaker and leader, someone that people look back at years from now and say CyHi lived his life right, and MLK definitely inspired this way of thinking. He was a great man and was good for the world.

I think he’s represented in hip-hop today in the respect that many hip-hop artists are great speakers just like he was, with a positive message to deliver to all walks of life. But I do feel we need more hip-hop artists representing The King’s messages and dreams in a positive way. Hip-hop is what the youth created to get their message out for everyone to hear in the clubs, prison, church, etc.

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