Peep This: President Obama Has A Message For You

Damn it must feel good to be Russell Simmons, especially when President Obama gives you a message to share with the youth:

“I’ve always believed that here in America, every young person should be able to set goals and reach them; to discover their passions and follow them; and to earn their piece of the American Dream.  That’s why, during the last two years, my Administration has worked hard to give people like you the opportunities you need to reach your potential and win the future.  We passed the Affordable Care Act that allows young people to stay on their parents health care plan until they’re 26 – allowing more time to find a job that carries insurance.  We reformed the student loan system to put billions of dollars back into the pockets of students paying for college instead of watching it pad the profits of big banks.   We’ve invested in clean energy and encouraged a generation of innovators working to start the companies and build the technologies of the future.  We’ve ended combat operations in Iraq and brought more than 90,000 troops home from the battlefield, and also made sure they get the care they have earned when they got back.  And, even though there’s still a tremendous amount of work to be done, I promise that every decision I make in the years ahead will be made with you in mind.  Each of you represents our hope for this country. Your generation will be the one leading America into the future.  And if we do our part, I know you’ll make us proud.” — via Global Grind

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