Pissed Off Fans Walk Out On Lauryn Hill, Her Extreme Lateness Saga Continues


It seems that showing up late for a recent Williamsburg, Brooklyn performance was only the beginning for Lauryn Hill. She has been showing up three hours late for several shows around the country.

Hill’s tour hit another snag this weekend when upset fans walked out of an Atlanta show last Friday. Aside from showing up three hours late to the sold-out event, which was scheduled to begin at 9PM, the former Fugee singer left her supporters “confused” and “underwhelmed” by declaring that she was tired of “playing the same music night after night.” The 35-year-old performed remixes of some of her classics, while urging crowd participation.

“Nobody could participate because NOBODY knew the music!” a concertgoer told SandraRose.com. “Everybody was looking around like ‘WHAT SONG IS THIS?'”

Fans also complained that Hill’s band was too loud, thus drowning out her vocals. Fed up with her antics, some audience members reportedly booed the multiple Grammy winner before leaving the venue early. “They didn’t walk out — they stomped out!” emphasized the audience member.

Hill also exhibited some of the same behavior during a performance at The Pageant Concert Nightclub in St. Louis on Sunday. Fans, already weary of her growing reputation for being late, waited patiently for her arrival, three hours after doors opened. Once again, she began performing unrecognizable versions of her classic songs.

Last month, Hill announced that she would launch a 17-date tour, and has been racking up mostly negative reviews ever since. Despite Hill’s kooky behavior, she continues to sell out venues and her next performance is scheduled for Tuesday at First Avenue & 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis.

Good luck to her still loyal fans who believe she’s “worth the wait.” But sometimes it’s best to let someone go if you truly love them. [Sandra Rose|PopEater]