Princess Boy Diaries: Would You Let Your Young Son Wear A Dress?


Cheryl Kilodavis and her 5-year-old son Dyson were on the Today Show this morning to discuss his affinity for wearing princess gear and the book he inspired entitled Princess Boy, which was written by his mom.

Dyson began wearing dresses at age two and his mother admitted that she was struggled with it for a while until one day when her older son said, “Mom, why can’t you just let him be happy?” She said she realized that it was her issue–an adult issue–and decided to start writing the book as a journal to help her cope.

“I needed a tool to hand to people to say, ‘I don’t want you to crush my son’s spirit, he’s too young and he’s really strong with loving what he loves.’” What the clip below:

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It’s amazing that Dyson has received as much support as he has but as we know, not everyone would be accepting of this behavior.

Is Dyson just going through a phase? What would you do if this were your son? Would you allow your children to play with a “Princess Boy?”