Radio Killa! Hip-Hop’s 10 Wildest On-Air Confrontations


What Happened: In 2005, Jadakiss and Styles P of the LOX went on Angie Martinez’s show and, during the course of the interview, discussed how they were extremely unhappy with the way Diddy treated them during their time with Bad Boy Records. As a result, Diddy called in to confront them about their issues with him.

What Was Said: “He’s so much of a gangsta with the paperwork. He’ll tell you one thing and then he’ll tell his lawyer or people that represent him something else.”—Jadakiss

What Came Out Of It: Initially, Diddy got frustrated and hung up after arguing with Jada and Sheek for several minutes. However, cooler heads prevailed later (and no refrigerators were thrown off of skyscrapers!) and The LOX and Diddy eventually worked out the disagreements they had over their rights to some of the publishing money from their first album, Money, Power & Respect.