Raz B Wants To Go On Tour With Chris Brown; Says Omarion’s Mom Had Sex With J-Boog


Raz B loves to yap his ass off. What’s the topic for today? A bit of Chris Brown here, a little Omarion there. 

Still riding the Twitter waves of his public e-beef with Breezy, during an interview with Billboard Raz of course re-denied ever shooting shots at Chris and in fact, would like to engage in an offline collabo: “I would love to do a song with Chris Brown. I would love to go on tour with him, too. He’s really dope. That’s how I feel.”

And we feel like that’s… not really going to happen.

Raz also rambled about his B2K ex-bros, spewing this little dirty gem about Omarion: “He doesn’t want to talk about the fact that his mom had sex with J-Boog from B2K.”

But Raz B does!

Oh, and B also denies being the funnyman behind Omarion’s fake ‘I’m a proud bisexual” press release. But alas he “will be commenting further on this in a major way soon.”

Fun times for all. 

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