‘Real Housewives’ Superlatives: Sheree Is Most Likely To Succeed


PopEater.com conducted their own predictions of which Bravo TV Real Housewives are most and least likely to succeed. Pitting their career paths against one another, here is what the PopEater staff had to say about our favorite ATLadies Sheree Whitfield, NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak.

Second Most Likely to Succeed: Sheree Whitfield (fashion designer/aspiring actress):
After much ado, sassy Atlanta ‘Housewives’ star Sheree managed to pull off a successful fashion show featuring her line, She by Sheree, which debuted at Fashion Week. This season, however, Sheree has been focusing on her budding acting career. Given her sense of style and sophistication, Sheree proved she has the vision to become a successful fashion designer — if only she nips this puzzling acting bug in the bud. She claimed, however, to be done with fashion on the current season of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta.’

Least Likely to Succeed: NeNe Leakes (author and TV journalist):
NeNe, possibly the most gregarious of the Atlanta housewives, penned a tell-all memoir, ‘Never Make the Same Mistake Twice: Lessons on Love and Life Learned the Hard Way.’ This season, she has been hired by a TV station in Atlanta for entertainment segments. No doubt Leakes was hired for the appearance on her hit show and connections to Atlanta’s who’s-who, but a knack for hard-hitting, in-depth interviews is not a natural talent, but acquired through years of on-the-job practice. We love NeNe, but even Larry King couldn’t master the TV thing after decades on air. We sadly predict NeNe’s current position will last as long as Kim’s singing career.

Not So Likely to Succeed: Kim Zolciak (singer):
The only professional songstress in the ‘Housewives’ family is Atlanta’s Kandi, who managed to catapult Kim’s career. (Even Orange County’s Gretchen Rossi got into the singing mix with a song out last year.) The butt of many jokes on the show, Kim seems determined to continue singing; her website declares, “The pop music scene is one that Kim Zolciak plans to conquer” — no doubt with a lot of help from Bravo and Kandi. One can’t help but wonder if Bravo eventually feels the need to replace the housewives with a host of new characters, whether Kim will continue to ride Kandi’s coattails or retire from the music world with the last laugh.

Do you think they ranked them correctly?