Reality TV Recap: Kim x Nene’s Biggest Fight, Is Sweetie A Slave?

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Kim Zolciak has found herself at odds with at least one woman per season since the inception of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Most of those arguments were with Nene so we’re used to their merry-go-round relationship. However, their frenemy status reached epic prorpotions last night when Nene jumped in her face on Kandi’s tour bus. It started because Kim brought up Nene’s comment to Jermaine Dupri about her being 32 and trying to start a pop career. Once those words flew out of Miss Tardy For the Party’s mouth, Nene–in typical Nene fashion–blew up. Where talking at a normal volume and hashing out differences like adults may have resolved the situation, Nene yelled and screamed instead while Kim cursed incessantly. It all went to another level when Nene called Kim’s assistant a slave.

“You think you can talk to people like they’re a slave, your slave is behind you,” were Nene’s exact words.”


That was intense. So where’s your head at right now?

Is Kim wrong for how she talks to Sweetie?

Did Nene go there by calling Sweetie a slave?

What does Sweetie have to do with this anyway?

Was Nene wrong for the way she came at Kim?

Was Kim wrong for the way she came at Nene?

Why were they fighting again?

Kim did have a point about the competitiveness. If Nene is calling Kim second best then that does show competition. Is Nene really just jealous?