Roger Ebert On Huck Finn: ‘I’d Rather Be Called A Ni–er Than A Slave’


The decision to remove the n-word from Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and replace all references with “slave,” has sparked controversy but film critic Roger Ebert is probably the most blunt with his thoughts so far. Referring to the edition’s language substitution, he tweeted, “I’d rather be called a Nigger than a Slave.”

His comment sparked backlash from people who felt that he shouldn’t have dropped the n-bomb in trying make his point because he has and will never be labeled that in his life. However, Ebert has not apologized nor has he elaborated on why he doesn’t like the idea of slave replacing nigger.

Ebert’s wife happens to be Black. We wonder what her thoughts are on the situation as well. If only we were flys on their diningroom walls. [Vulture]