Sources Say Paula Abdul Is ‘Out Of Control’ On The Set Of ‘Live To Dance’


It’s certainly not a new story but sources have told the National Inquirer that Paula Abdul is already dispaying uncontrollable diva like behavior on the set of Live To Dance.

Her non-stop complaining is beginning to cause friction amongst the cast of the show.

“Paula has been out of control on the set,” an insider told American tabloid the National Enquirer. “Her favorite phrase is ‘I’m not happy’ — and she’s not happy a lot.

“She started with the food in her dressing room. When she didn’t see her favorite Jolly Rancher candies — she hit the roof.

“And when she had to go searching for Vitaminwater, she complained bitterly, saying she wasn’t getting the respect she deserved.

“At a recent promo shoot, Paula kept everyone waiting while she changed her clothes several times because she thought they didn’t fit right.

“Finally, after six or seven changes, she gave her approval to be photographed, but she still wasn’t thrilled.

“She’s been driving everyone else on the show crazy!

“Now Paula is demanding that CBS cough up huge amounts of money to promote Live To Dance.

“She wants Idol to regret letting her go.”

(via Showbiz)

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