Styles P Poses Theory On Mass Animal Deaths: People Are Next


Like something straight off an X Files episode, mass animal deaths have been all over the news cycle in recent weeks. In case you missed it, flocks of birds and families of fish have been discovered dead in different parts of the United States, including 5,000 blackbirds in Arkansas, ever since New Years Eve.

That type of news might not be your typical water cooler fodder amongst rap circles. But when VIBE asked Styles P about the state of the music business, the D-Block member randomly brought up these mysterious deaths that have sparked various end-of-days debates and conspiracy theories.

“With all the fish and the birds and shit like that, you don’t really hear or see about no shit from too many rappers,” Styles told VIBE. “Who the fuck even knows where the earth is gon’ be in a few years to even say where hip-hop is gon’ be? The bird and fish thing is kinda bugged out so I know it’s kinda weird to throw in an interview but my take on it is if everybody don’t wake up and pay attention, besides rap, everything is gon’ be fucked up.”

Styles P adds that more artists should be commenting on this curious turn of affairs. “Hip-hop used to be the thing that informs you on this shit, our go-to culture wise and educational wise and it’s kinda different now,” he says. “I don’t know if that’s gon’ come back around or not but with the seriousness of the shit that’s going on nowadays I don’t really know.”

Everyone’s been positing explanations for the mass deaths, including blunt trauama, disease, air and water pollution and, what else, the Apocalypse. Styles P’s theory?

“You wanna know my theory on it? I think that’s just a test. What you think is gon’ be after the birds and the fish? People,” says the rapper. “I think they do things to see how people react to it and how they stand up to it and stand down to it and what they say about it. I think it’s too many people in the world and rich people don’t like that so they’re trying to figure out how to make less people in the world. They just want to depopulate. That’s my personal opinion. Start off experimenting on animals.” —Clover Hope

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