‘Takers’ on DVD: Idris Elba Talks T.I. & Playing Bad Guys

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Idris Elba is probably best known for his fascinating bad guy role in the small screen cult hit, The Wire. But the British actor broke new ground on the big screen on the other side of the law (again) as Gordon Cozier in last summer’s #1 hit movie Takers, now on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Despite Tip ‘T.I.’ Harris’ recent troubles and bid behind bars, Elba says it’s no surprise that he and his rapper co-star were attracted to such edgy roles.

“My character Gordon is an international guy. And [in the movie] he and T.I.’s character Ghost have been doing this a long time— boosting cars and stealing things. It’s an ‘I want to outwit the watchman attitude.’ I can outwit you and break into your system mentality.”

And just because they played bank and armored car heist kings in the film, Elba says the merry band of thieves in Takers, which included Michael Ealy and Chris Brown weren’t all bad guys. “It’s a Robin Hood-type of thing. We robbed from the banks that have insured money and we gave some of that money back to charity.” Point well taken.


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