Tatyana Ali Talks Big Willie Advice, ‘Fresh Prince’ Reunion & ‘Whip My Hair’


What advice did Will give you?

Will told me was that essentially there should always be a moral to every story that we tell. A lot of time you want it to be funny and you’re concerned about the comedy. And spend a lot of time going thru jokes and adlibs. And our writers are on stage with us while we’re filming and they’re changing jokes last minute. But heart of the show and what really grips people is that lesson, that moral, that thing that’s true. What the character is going thru. That’s why people love sitcoms, characters might make mistakes but they find out what’s right and wrong at the end of every storyline.


Do you keep in touch with others from The Fresh Prince cast?

Yes we all keep in touch. I’m really close to Karyn Parsons; she played Hillary on the show. We see each other for holidays and birthdays. And Will has always been a mentor to me, especially when I first decided to start my production company four years ago. He’s a great teacher.


Any chance any of the actors from Fresh Prince will ever make guest appearances on Love That Girl?

I would love that. We just shot the first thirteen episodes of Love That Girl! and we’ve talked about it. That would be fun and everybody on Fresh Prince are all incredible actors in their own right. It would be amazing.


And speaking of Will, what did you think of his daughter Willow’s pop hit ‘Whip My Hair’?

Omigod, I loved it! And as old as I am I like, ‘Whoo hoo!’ [laughs] First of all Willow sounds amazing, she’s so cool. But she was cool since she was a baby. And that song is so positive in a cool way. It’s about confidence, having self-esteem and not caring what other people think. And everybody needs hear that any age.


For some reason, Willow’s song and video took me back to your pop singing career. 

Uh, yeah right. But I have to tell you I was not as cool as Willow. I’m not as hip. I don’t think I’ve ever been [laughs.]


The new season of Love That Girl! premieres Monday, January 10th at 9pmET/PT on TV One.