Throw It Away! 5 Tacky Trends We Don’t Want to See in 2011


Fashion is ever-changing, and it’s time to forget a few trends we rocked in 2010. While Nicki Minaj might not give up her ass-gripping leggings, our friends at Black Voices have compiled a list of tacky, tasteless fads us common folk should toss out and leave in the past. Oh, don’t worry if your closet is full of these fashion faux pas, we all make mistakes! 


1.) Unitard Outfits:

Unless you are Lady Gaga or making a ‘Single Ladies’ video for YouTube, it’s best to leave the professional dance gear like unitards to the pros. Most women aren’t built like Beyonce, so for the rest of us, skintight unitards will only highlight every single lump and bump we are desperately trying to hide. In 2011, pair last year’s unitard with a cute miniskirt to get that sexy, sassy look you were going for. Your thighs will thank you!

2.) Too See Through:
It’s okay to show a little skin, but it’s not okay to show your goods, or — in Kelly Rowland’s case — your girls. Super sheer items like blouses or dresses where your bra or other undergarments are clearly visible, fall into this category. Not only are these looks too revealing, but they can make you look a bit sleazy. When the New Year rolls around, add a simple nude or black camisole or slip under your sheer piece and leave a little to the imagination.

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