‘Tool Academy’s’ Charm x Friend Put ‘Bad Girls Club 6,’ Natalie Nunn On Blast

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Charm from Tool Academy (Remember him? We don’t either.)and his homie decided that they wanted to put Ashley, the new girl on Bad Girls Club 6 as well as Natalie Nunn from BGC4 on blast?douchebag style. Charm claims he had sex with Ashley and passed her off to his friend who corroborates the story. Both claim her deep throat skills are superior. They also believe that last week’s brawl was because the other girls were jealous that Ashley got a sample of their peens respectively and they didn’t (*blank stare*). As far as Natalie Nunn, they allege that she works as an escort. The language in the video is not safe for work so put your headphones in.

So this is what reality “stars” are doing to keep their names out there these days, huh? Hide ya kids.