Trey Songz Talks His Craziest Fan Encounter: ‘She Walked 3 Or 4 Steps And Her Water Broke’

Trigga may be one of the current go to crooners for “baby-making” jams, but it’s his golden touch that has women going into labor.

“One of the craziest things, I actually touched a young ladies stomach when she was pregnant and she literally walked like 3 or 4 steps and her water broke. That was mind blowing to me. It was actually a day before my birthday,” Trey Songz tells the on a recent press run in Miami.

The intimate experience goes down as one of Trey’s ultimate fan moments. Aside from assisting in child births, the singer is gearing up to get back in the studio and start work on his next album.

Songz also confirmed with the site that more collaborations are to come with one of his closest allies in the industry.

“Drake and I are always working on music. We got songs now that we don’t know if they will come out at this point.We just like making music together, so you can definitely look forward to hearing music from us.”

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