V Confessional: Natalie Nunn Spills All About Wiz Khalifa, His ‘Hoe’ Amber Rose & Her Shaq Secret


Natalie Nunn. Why the hell do we know this name? Because she wore the bonkers bitch getup a little too well on season four of Oxygen’s obnoxious pleasure Bad Girls Club. Why the hell is she still here? Because Natalie loves pissing us off. VIBE got on the jack with the Internet’s favorite shit starter to get the real on her very public love triangle with Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, kiss-my-ass tell-all book, first single (yep, as in music single), new reality show and yeah… Let’s just say she’s found new ways of keeping her name alive. Smart bitch. —Tracy Garraud


VIBE: So are you sick of those Jay Leno chin jokes yet?
No! The more people talk about my chin, the more I stay relevant. Who knows because of that I could land on his show! I would be ecstatic. I don’t care about it. It’s not a big deal. And I was prepared for the scrutiny, I remember Meagan Good years back crying to me about what people said about her. Some people have sensitive sides, but I think I lost that when I was toddler [laughs]. I’m keeping this chin!

Good attitude to have. Speaking of which, how is it knowing that people only want to see your obnoxious side?
That side is what America wants to see because it is entertaining. I can’t blame them for wanting that particular side. That’s what I’m here for as a personality. Only thing that sucks is that I’m always playing myself and everything is real. It’s harder to be a TV personality then to be an actress. 

How’s that spinoff show coming along?
Under contract there’s a lot I can’t talk about, but I am doing a countdown on my Twitter page and I think people can guess it. We have 58 days left. I just can’t say it until the network says it first. But I’m sure people know.

 What we don’t know even more is this music thing you briefly mentioned during your UStream.
I have a real big business side. And I’ve always wanted to do a little bit of everything. Before Bad Girls, I said I wanted to do reality TV, then my own reality show, record a song and put it out on iTunes… a book. So a few things are pending. But my single is going to be released soon.

 Major label?
Yeah. All of this is going to be happening within these 58 days. The song’s been recorded and we’re doing some finishing touches. I’m not a singer. I can’t do that.

You’re rapping?
I’m definitely in there spitting some real flows. I’m talking that crazy bad girl crap. I’m really going in on some people that people will know. My book is going to be big too. It’s coming… it’s just going to be a little different than other peoples books [

What the hell, is it a sex journal?

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