V Exclusive: G. Dep’s Wife Opens Up About Murder Case, Drug Abuse & Why He’s Innocent Until Proven Guilty


G. Dep and his wife Crystal Sutton are complete opposites. He darts towards the flashing lights, she steps aside. He wrangles with drug-coaxing demons, she sews angel costumes for her local church. But in mid-December, 36-year-old Trevell Gerald Coleman did an act seemingly more suited for his spouse than for himself. He entered the 25th precinct in Harlem and confessed to fatally shooting a man seventeen years ago. However, last Thursday the former Bad Boy MC pleaded non guilty for the crime he avowed to without force. Why the change of heart? Two days before his courtroom revision, VIBE met up with the closest person to Dep to try and fix the puzzle. —Tracy Garraud



It’s been just over a month since Dep turned himself in, where’s your at head right now?
I’m still in the emotional stage. I haven’t moved on from that yet. Over the years I built up this armor when dealing with [Trevel’s drug habit]. But now it’s completely off.

Diddy was quoted saying Dep wouldn’t hurt a fly, but that he always looked like he was dealing with an inner struggle. Did you feel like something was always lying heavy on his conscience?
[Long pause] Whenever I saw [Trevell] stand and freeze, I thought it was just an issue with drugs… like that was the effect of the drugs… that was from being dropped from Bad Boy, him not having enough money to provide for us the way he wanted to. Those type of disappointments. 

Are you two still married? A story in the New York Post mentioned he had a girlfriend, but not a wife.
I’m his legal wife. We’ve been separated for a year, but I look at it like you can always go back to your wife. We’re still intimate, I’ll put it that way. He has a daughter with his girlfriend. I don’t know what he’s doing with her right now, but we’ve been communicating every single day so I’m good with that. And he knows that I’m taking the forefront to handle everything. And I think they both have a drug dependency. It looks like it, there’s no denying that.

Safe to assume that drugs were the reason you both separated?
Yes, I couldn’t take the drugs anymore and it came to a point where I had to make a choice. I would work all day, come home and then 2 o’clock in the morning someone’s calling me like ‘Trevell is here, come get him!’ Then I’d bring him home, try to feed him and get him to wash.

You had to take on a whole other responsibility…
Yeah, but then there’s times where he’s been fine. I don’t do drugs, I don’t condone drugs and I don’t enable him. When we first met, he would sometimes smoke weed in front of me, but nothing else. So when we’re together he could go like a month and not do anything and then one day he’s standing there like a zombie and it’s like okay.

What was the other drug?

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