V Exclusive: Game Talks Recording With Wiz And Weezy, The R.E.D. Album, Lakers, And Face Tats


Double CDs may be a thing of the past, but last Wednesday (Jan. 26th), Compton rapper Game took us back in hip-hop time when he dropped the 29-track, double disc mixtape, Purp & Patron. With guest appearances from Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Fabolous, KRS-One and more, the LA menace once again turned the blogs red. Game has provided more than enough music to help fans remain patient until he releases his oft-delayed fourth album, The R.E.D. Album. Twenty-four hours after the mixtape’s release, VIBE wrestled the rapper onto a mobile phone to talk recording with Wiz Khalifa and Weezy, The R.E.D. Album’s delay, the Laker’s lackluster season, and face tattoos.—Mikey Fresh

VIBE: Purp & Patron is getting a lot of love online, but did you have any second thoughts about releasing a double mixtape?

Game: I had no idea that it was going to kick off with the reception that it’s gotten—the same way I had no idea that The Documentary would be a classic or that hip-hop would even take me this far. But I had no doubts, even though muthafuckas don’t even want to hear a person on three songs in a row anymore, let alone a double mixtape. I got a lot of hip-hop friendships, so I knew I could keep the people’s attention. Purp & Patron was just an idea that me and Skee came up with, and when we posted the picture online, Flex called me up and said he had to be a part of the tape. We didn’t have any real promotion or help from the label.

This also feels like one of your first releases without a major beef.

It feels good to put out a tape and not have one beef song on it. I can’t even call it rare because it never happens. That’s just not Game-like, so I think it lets everybody know where my mind state is right now. I’m just chillen’. The only thing I’m concerned with is finishing the The R.E.D. Album, which is going to be nothing less than fuckin’ incredible.

You have a big record with hip-hop’s current MVP, Wiz Khalifa, how did you guys connect?

I was just a fan, man. Me and Wiz smoked for probably four hours straight before we recorded anything. He resembles a young Snoop, and I never got to record with a young Snoop [Laughs]. I only got to record with legendary Snoop, that’s the big homie, so it was a no-brainer. Hip-hop always comes 360 degrees. The new generation will always remind you of the pioneers, and it’s a love thing. Just like B.o.B. is to Outkast. We actually did 2 others songs in our session. He’s got another track for his album, and I got one for mine.

Technically, you’re the originator of Taylor Gang [laughs].

I was yelling out Taylor Gang way before the young homie. [Laughs] So people expected me to try and come at him, based off my history and my nature, but it ain’t even about that. I respect Wiz and his artistry. That’s dude’s brand name. It just so happens my last name is Taylor and one of my dead brother’s name is Charles, so I put it together like that before.

Was Wiz in the studio with you when you recorded “I’m The King”, it definitely has his musical feel to it.

Nah, I was in there with my boy Mars from 1500 and the beat was just so bouncy—that’s how my vibe came out. It really sounds LA to me.

When did you record “Su Woo” with Weezy?

We did that right before he went in. Wayne always looks out for me on anything. I’ve been talking to him damn near everyday, he’s actually in LA right now. He’ll see him on the The R.E.D. Album, and you better believe anybody that fucks with Wayne got major problems with me.

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