V Exclusive: Mashonda Lands A Spot On VH1 Reality Show ‘Love & Hip Hop’


VH1 has confirmed that a new reality show titled Love & Hip Hop has casted Vibe.com’s very own Mashonda Tifere. The singer and songwriter will be joined by Jim Jones’ girlfriend Christine “Chrissy” Lampkin, Fabolous’ girlfriend Emily Bustamente, former “First Lady of G-Unit” Olivia, and Latin music artist Somaya Reece.

The series will follow the women as they balance personal relationships and making it in the entertainment industry. Cameras will show Emily and Chrissy trying to lock their men down while Olivia and Somaya give viewers a look at what upcoming artists forgo to get ahead in the music game.

“The show is about strength and womanhood. I’m excited about the show and the women on it,” says Mashonda of the new venture.

It’s not crystal clear whether she will be speaking about her much publicized divorce to producer Swizz Beatz, but secretly we’re banking on it.

Love & Hip Hop premieres Monday, March 21.