V Exclusive: Sean C & LV Talk Producing New Raekwon x Nas Collaboration


Certain collaborations are better left unforced.

Back in the summer of ’09, when Raekwon expressed his disappointment in Nas for failing to make a guest appearance on The Chef’s critically acclaimed sequel Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2, Wu-Tang fans were left in dismay and the thought of the old friends getting on another track seemed like a broken dream.

But, at last, these two lyrical gargantuans have finally stepped back into the studio together.

“It’s pure hard drums and a couple strings in there. I can only say that it’s just a head nod beat (pause). It’s just one of them shits that makes you look like you just got punched in the face,” describes producer LV, who along with partner Sean C crafted the forthcoming Raekwon and Nas record “Rich And Black”.

“’It’s a crazy feeling to be a part in those two getting back together—just straight forward, Boom Bap type hip-hop. It’s real simple with no frosting,” says Sean C. “We wanted to give the emcees room to move. They got more than two verses—that’s all I can say. Yall will hear it very soon. Everything has been finalized.”

Slated to be included on Raekwon’s fifth LP, Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang, due for release on March 8th, the highly anticipated collabo finds the emcees trading bars over sparse symphony-esque drums and balanced strings.

“It’s funny, Rae almost named the song “Richard Black.” We were in the studio with him about a month ago working on the record,” added Sean C .

Nas is also currently in the studio working on his next LP and preparing the second installment of Lost Tapes.

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