Walmart To Launch ‘Anti-Aging’ Makeup Targeting 8-Year-Olds, Tweens


Walmart has added a new range of anti-aging make-up to its shelves and the twist is that they’re aimed at young children.

The new Geo-Girl beauty line is said to be aimed at the tween market of 8-12 year olds, and will include blusher, mascara, face shimmer and lipstick that is described as “mother approved,” as well as anti aging products.

According to the marketing team behind the line the formulas are designed for ‘young skin’ and contain natural ingredients like white willow bark, chamomile, lavender and calendula, as well as anti-oxidants, which are said to prevent aging.

All 69 products in the range will be paraben, phthalates and sulfate free. Synthetic colors and fragrances are also avoided to reduce the risk of skin allergies. This is a strategy that is designed to attract parents worried about the excess chemicals in make-up.

Walmart’s divisional merchandise manager Carmen Bauza has told beauty magazines across America, which are featuring the new line, that Geo-Girl make-up line is eco-friendly. To keep the young eco-minded generation happy, packaging will be recyclable, says Bauza.

The line will be on the shelves starting February 21. Walmart says the targeted sector has an estimated 2 billion dollars buying power.

It’s perfectly normal for little girls to want to play in makeup like their moms and it’s great that the company is leaving out toxic ingredients but is the psychological damage worth it? It’s one thing to provide play makeup for little girls so that they don’t get into adult makeup stashes but to create “anti-aging” product of an 8-12 year-old is doing way too much. You would think Walmart would know better. [Daily Mail UK]