We Have Groupies Too: How To Spot A Thirsty Bitch


This blog is an absolute necessity. With celebrities becoming so easily accessible, and websites like Facebook and Twitter exposing everyone that you talk to or are friends with, it’s hard to determine which females are friends with you because they like you, or friends with you to get close to celebrities that you may be close with. We call the latter a Thirsty Bitch, and here’s how you can identify her. 

You’re the pretty friend, yet she’s ALWAYS around: You bring all of the attention and she knows it. She reaps the benefits of ballers being drawn to you. Every Baller has a Baller homie or two, right? She never hangs with you unless it’s to be seen in public and when the fine, rich men are around you would think you two were BFF’s.

At the bar, she thinks she DESERVES a drink, and HE should buy it: It’s not because she’s parched, but because she’s thirsty! Oddly enough, thirsty girls tend to feel entitled. If they’ve ever received attention from at least one baller, they hold every guy to a higher standard. Meanwhile, she’s no female baller herself and the eviction notice on her apartment can attest to that.

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