Woman Abducted As A Baby Reunited With Real Family 23 Years Later


A woman kidnapped as a baby from Harlem Hospital in 1987 — abducted at 19 days old by a woman who had been lurking around the hospital for weeks wearing a nurse’s uniform — has been found alive and well.

Twenty-three years ago, Carlina White was rushed to the emergency room by her parents, who handed her to the woman they thought was a nurse, only to return later and be told that their daughter had vanished.

Baby Carlina had been taken to Connecticut and grew up 45 miles away from her biological parents who always kept hope alive that their daughter would return. White, who grew up in an abusive home said she long suspected that something wasn’t right with the woman she called “mom.” She noticed they didn’t look alike, had nothing in common and when she got pregnant at 16, her mom couldn’t produce birth certificate and social security information, which her to do some research. See the story below:

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