Young Radio Producer Uses Voice To Conquer Radio, Aspires To Be The Next Oprah


The old adage is true: if you can make it in New York City, you can make it anywhere. Millions of people flock to the Big Apple to build upon their aspirations of being great, and it’s no different for radio producer and voice-over artist Dawn Hill. She is currently reaching her goals and building quite a career for herself at radio stations WBLS and WLIB in New York. Read and learn, Vixens!

Connecting: The summer after freshman year, I worked as an intern in the promotions department of Detroit Hot 102.7; Skip Dillard, the operations manager there when I interned, eventually moved to WBLS, and he was the person who hired me in 2008. I’d kept in touch with him all through college; I am the guru of networking.

Multiple internships: In 2006, I had a paid internship with DaimlerChrysler, and I was an intern at XM Satellite Radio in Washington. In my senior year, I was the creative services intern for BET Networks. At college, I had a show on WHBC, the Howard radio station, and I also anchored the news for “Howard Today,” our college TV station. Those were morning shows, so they were good training for this job.

Advanced networking: I had been here awhile when everybody started talking about how great it was that this radio personality Egypt Sherrod was returning to the station, and when I first heard her show, I thought she was magnificent. I went right up to her and said, “Can I schedule a lunch with you?” And she said, “What for?” I told her I wanted some tips for succeeding in the business. Well, we not only had lunch; she brought me aboard as her assistant. It’s not a paid position, but I’m learning so much.

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