10 New Make-Up Shades That Look Good On All Skin Tones

Whether your skin is alabaster, ebony, or somewhere in between, you can’t go wrong with these universal makeup shades. Makeup artist Maria Verel tells us how and why.

Deep Purple Eye Shadow
Rich purple is the perfect blend of blue and red, which means it “complements everyone and is a great color for day or night.” Stay away from shades that are too heavy on the red undertones—they’re not as adaptable for everyone, “and if you apply it wrong, it could be misinterpreted as a bruise.”

Peach Blush
Unlike pink cheek colors, which can easily veer into Barbie or frosty territory, “a peach blush with a little shimmer marries perfectly with every skin tone.” Women with fair skin should wear it right on the apples of their cheeks, while those with dark skin should move the placement up to the cheekbones “so it’s more of a highlighter.”

Navy Eyeliner
This is the secret to making eyes look awake, no matter what your skin tone. “The deep blue will emphasize the whites of your eyes so they’re instantly brighter. We recommend a pencil or a cream liner as opposed to a liquid.

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