Anti Abortion Ad Geared Toward African Americans Sparks Controversy #BlackHistoryMonthFail

There’s an ad posted on a billboard in New York’s SoHo that reads “The most dangerous place for African American babies is in the womb.” Don’t snap to a judgment yet. Watch this:


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Upon further investigation, the organization, That’s Abortion, feels that they are waging war against Planned Parenthood because they are strategically placed in minority neighborhoods and happen to perform over 300,000 abortions a year.

Yet ironically, as the story pointed out, that billboard was placed in NYC’s very chic, very rich and White SoHo, mere blocks away from a Planned Parenthood (and NYU). So, what’s the point of it being placed there as opposed to in a “minority” community?

The organization’s press release reads the following:

This campaign highlights the tragedy that abortion is the number one killer since 1973 in the Black community and the truth that we must confront in a city with a near 60 percent abortion rate for Black women,” said Life Always Board Member Rev. Derek McCoy.

However, they don’t offer any real sources for their statistics. A 60% abortion rate just in the Black community alone sounds extreme, especially if African Americans account for only 13% of the population (and “Black” vs “African American” can be tricky). Then, think about other diseases like HIV/AIDS, hypertension, and related illnesses (diabetes, obesity, etc) that supposedly are also “number one” killers of African Americans. So basically, Black people are dying from everything at the same time? Not saying that there isn’t truth somewhere in those extremely high numbers but numbers in situations like this can be erroneous and misunderstood (particularly considering who may or may not consider themselves “African American” when it comes to checking the box), especially when not explained thoroughly.

It would be nice to get more information from this organization of how they feel Planned Parenthood is “attacking” African Americans because it’s not like Planned Parenthood reps in these “minority” neighborhoods are going door to door forcing women to get the procedures done. Right now it just seems that they’re mad about abortion in general, so they’re reaching for egregiousness anywhere they can find it sort of like PETA when it comes to animal rights. (When was the last time we saw statistics about abortion fanatics taking another human life simply for having opposing beliefs? That’s not right either).

The presentation of the billboard is just wrong. Realistically, how many people are actually going to research what the campaign is all about based on riding or walking past the shocking message? Most people will read it and get offended (or think something negative about Black women, like we don’t get enough of that already) and make up their mind without giving it a second thought.

It seems more like African American women, once again, are the scapegoats for someone’s smear campaign but this time it’s disguised as a crusade to save our misguided souls, smh. And if that isn’t the case, they could have put this together a lot better and with more sensitivity.

What are your thoughts?

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