Is The Apple iPad 2 Dropping Next Week?

The iPad 2 may be just around the corner.

Via: The Huffington Post: Kara Swisher of All Things D reports that Apple will hold a special event on Wednesday, March 2 in San Francisco, where it’s possible that the followup to last year’s breakout product will be announced.

Though invitations have yet to be mailed, Swisher has confirmed the event with “several sources close to the situation.”

Since the unveiling of the original iPad in early 2010, there has been no shortage of speculation about the tablet’s successor, unofficially called “iPad 2.”

According to some of the rumors, the next iPad could feature front-facing and rear-facing cameras, as well as a slightly slimmer and lighter build. Customers may even have to choose between two separate versions of the device–one built specifically for AT&T’s network and one for Verizon’s.

If Kara Swisher’s intel is correct, we have only to wait nine more days to see which of the rumors prove true–if any.


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