Battle Of The Sexes: The 10 Wildest Guy-Gal Twitter Beefs Of All-Time

The Battle: Fabolous vs. Somaya Reece

He Said: “Did this rebound a** chick jus make a joke about my teeth?? keep my name outta Tahiry’s v*gina, i mean ur mouth! POW!”

She Said: “LMAO OMG Fab is all pissed off at me! I was referring to the TT #fabsteeth that was funny.”

The Winner: Fabolous. After Somaya sent a slight jab at Fab using the #FabsTeeth trending topic, Mr. F-A-B-O absolutely went off on her. It was all in fun, but telling her she needed to wear a Derek Jeter #2 jersey because she was being used by Joe Budden as a rebound from his ex-chick Tahiry? That was just cold, Fab!