Believe It Or Not? Foxy Brown Denies Intoxicated Bathroom Incident

Yesterday TMZ claimed that Foxy Brown was acting reckless at a Fashion Week after party where she allegedly showed up drunk ten minutes before closing (missing a scheduled performance) and then locked herself in a bathroom for whatever reason. The evening concluded with sources saying Inga was physically escorted off the property.

But 24 hours later Foxy’s denying that any of the above happened in the slightest telling Radar Online that the story was completely fabricated.

“When I got to the club I was not intoxicated at all. That’s a lie. There was no intoxication, there was no drama, and I was never physically escorted out by security,” Foxy says. “And people were coming in and out of the bathroom,” she adds disputing the claim that she’d locked herself in.

Fox also noted that the designer hosting the party, Indashio, is a good friend of hers and was happy to have her come through even if at the very end.

“I was so happy to see her,” Indashio says. “When Foxy came at the end, it was the perfect way to close the night. It was the best after party I ever had.”

Well then.

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