Bottoms Up? Insiders Say Christina Aguilera’s Drinking Problem Is Rehab Worthy

We all know how unforgiving the media can be with Christina Aguilera being the latest example as she was railed for mixing up the national anthem last night during the XLV Super Bowl. However, an insider spoke with In Touch and expressed that the singer’s issues may run deeper than a few wrong lyrics…

“Christina’s drinking has some of her friends worried… She seems to be getting out of control, and her friends want her to get PROFESSIONAL help. The past few weeks, her partying has escalated. If she is drinking until she passes out, that’s NOT good,” says the source.

Supposedly those who want her to seek professional help are afraid to make mention of the subject. 

“They wanted to talk to her carefully about the issue, but they’re not going to because they are scared after she threatened to fire them.”

We just hope a shaved skull isn’t in Christina’s near future.