Britney Spears’ Choreographer Shuts Down Lady Gaga Comparisons In ‘Hold It Against Me’ Video

On yet another “comeback” mission, Britney Spears has a lot riding on her upcoming music video for “Hold It Against Me.”

Working with director/stylist couple, Jonas Akerlund and B. Kerlund, both previously worked on Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video, Spears’ choreographer Brian Friedman says this concept is completely original.

“The styling for this video is beyond what Britney has done before,” Friedman told MTV News. “B. Åkerlund did the styling for it, and I can say that it is not ‘Britney does Gaga.’ That is not what’s happening with this. Gaga has her own niche, and although B. has worked with Gaga before, she’s not giving Britney anything that Gaga would wear. I love seeing Britney try out new things. It’s just an extension of what Britney already is.”

Stay tuned for the video’s official release date.

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