Buju Banton Still Faces Life In Prison With New Trial

It’s true that reggae artist Buju Banton won a Grammy for Best Reggae Album last night, but he’s still faces up life in prison on allegedly conspiring to buy cocaine from an undercover officer. His last hearing ended in a mistrial, but his new attempt at being a free man begins today.

HipHopWired reports that the artist’s attorney David Markus hopes for a positive outcome.

“February 14 is Valentine’s Day. We hope the jury gives us some love,” he says. “Buju is optimistic and hopeful. He is in good spirits. He is a rock. No one realizes how hard it is to fight the federal government in one trial, let alone two.”

Banton, born Mark Myrie, was arrested in December 2009 and and was released on house arrest after being bailed out by Stephen Marley.

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