The Curious Case Of Britney Spears (Pg. 2)


Is there a stronger unit in popular music today than Britney Spears’ savvy roster of handlers? The no-nonsense team of publicists, lawyers, and producers headed up by two-fisted manager Larry Rudolph has guided the singer through a string of personal misfortunes and scandals, changing public taste and increasingly younger competition. Mitchell points to the break-away success of Spear’s ‘Hold It Against Me’ as continued proof of her team’s incalculable value.

“Hold It Against Me” is a fun Britney Spears song,” Mitchell says of her current ubitquitous radio hit. “But there’s nothing super special about it like say a ‘Toxic’.” Yet it had a huge marketing campaign behind it on social networks. It was all over Twitter and Facebook. You can’t really underestimate marketing in this current pop environment. With record sales down so much and single sales being so important in connection with music downloads, having a team that’s up to speed on all that stuff is important.”

Mitchell continues: “Artists like Christina Aguilera can learn from Britney on how to surround themselves with the right professional people. If you notice, Britney’s team cut off a lot of people like her old manager Larry Rudolph out of her life when she was having that public turmoil. But they were smart enough to bring him back. She has this incredible marketing machine behind her that really has a grasp of who she is and how to best market her music. You can definitely see Britney’s influence on someone like a Rihanna.”



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