The Curious Case Of Britney Spears (Pg. 3)


The shelf life of a child star is usually short-lived. For every transcendent prodigy like late music giant Michael Jackson there’s Tiffany, a where-are-they-now Trivial Pursuit question. For fans who grew up with Spears from her pubescent early ‘90s days as a cutesy star on Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club to her sexually-liberating 2001 set Britney, it’s become almost second nature to root her on.

“She was making fun music for girls my age,” recalls Newsdays Dixon, who was 12-years-old when Spears kick started her record-breaking career. “When ‘Baby One More Time’ came out, I never had to worry about my parents saying, ‘I don’t want you listening to that.’ Britney grew up with her fans. As we got older and matured and went through different issues, she went through the same things and sang about it. When people said Britney was pushing the envelope and was being too sexy, she worked with the Neptunes and came out with ‘I’m A Slave 4 U.’ It was if she was saying, ‘What?!!! I’m over 21 and I’m having sex!’ There’s a strong relatable factor there.” 

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