The Curious Case Of Britney Spears (Pg. 4)


For years, Britney Spears has reigned as the poster child for the all-style-no-substance pop world. There has been the smoke-and-mirrors rebuke of the frequently lip-synching blond beauty. And while music critics have at times lauded the singer’s penchant for delivering the perfect pop masterpiece, most of the praise has been reserved for her team of songwriters and producers that have contributed greatly to her record-breaking career. But Perez Hilton says it’s that constant scrutiny of Spears’ talents coupled with her public stumbles that continues to draw in fans.

“We love and root for her because she is still the underdog even though she is incredibly successful,” Perez says of Spears. “When she was at her low point I was very critical of Britney. But I am a fan and I have been for a long time. And I still remain a fan. There’s still a sense that she is still not 100 percent well. And people want her to be well. That’s why we are rooting for her.”

Britney’s down-to-earth persona has also proven to be a true selling point for fans. “Britney always came off as a sweet, simple girl, whereas someone like a Christina Aguilera can come across as cold and a bitch,” Perez says of the bubbly singer’s longtime nemesis who is currently going through her own career turbulence after disappointing sales of 2010 Bionic album and much-talked about “National Anthem” flubbing at the Super Bowl. Given what Britney has gone through, people want her to be happy.”

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